About this Blog

I have always loved writing, learning new things, and then, writing about them. Hence, getting into Technical Writing as a full time career was a natural progression!
Technical Writing, as my dear friend and mentor Sumedh Nene puts it, is a method of communicating technical information to non-technical people to help them do something.

But wait! I'd rather call this field-as most of my illustrious experts and peers do so- as Technical Communication. Gone are the days of the Technical Author churning just supposedly boring User Manuals and Help Files. We make interactive videos, web-based Training Manuals, the sexy Quick Reference Guides, we design Course-Ware, we ascertain the usability of an application,we maintain and manage blogs and online forums and wikis, we have dived into social networking and are using them as tools for generating organizational awareness and goodwill, etc.etc. It is our job to deliver information.
Having been in this field for a couple of years, I feel it is the right time to start a Technical Communications blog. This blog is meant for people who are contemplating Technical Communications as a career, for freshers in Technical Writing, Instructional Design and eventually, as I wade into it, the finer nuances of Technical Writing.