Friday, May 23, 2008

Technical Writing vs Creative Writing

Writing, like Cricket has different forms. There are the tests, one days and the recently formed 20/20's in Cricket. Similarly, writing has Technical Writing, Creative Writing and Content Writing.

The different forms of the game have their own specialists. However, a good cricketer can succeed in any form of the game. Take a batsman for instance. A batsman with a sound defense, wide array of shots and the willingness to adapt and learn quickly and constantly is bound to succeed in any form of the game. Same applies to any form of writing. A writer with solid command over grammar, decent vocabulary and the knack of learning new things all the time is bound to be good in any form of writing. Like a cricketer has to keep practicing and update himself, a writer has to keep writing, experimenting and reading.

Hence, if you stick to the basics, are well read and ready to constantly update yourself, you can deliver successful documentation and write the best seller too.